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For most individuals and small businesses, every penny counts. Knowing if those pennies will yield dollars is an important first assessment when contemplating starting or expanding a business. We will work with you and your business to create an ideal and sustainable solution.   You've put forth a lot of effort in designing and building your business model. Before you step behind the wheel of your creation, let one of our business consultants don the test pilot
hat and take your baby for a test drive. We'll tell you what we think and work with you and your business to make improvements and create sustatinable solutions.


This quick test service provides an examination of the market conditions your business idea will likely encounter. The goal of this service is to identify market trends, competition, and market share via secondary market research.


Do you need a coach or some expertise in a business field, but don't want the permanency of hiring an employee? If so let us provide you with the one-on-one guidance, mentoring, and training you need to meet your goals.


If writing is not your strong suit, then preparing a business plan will seem daunting. Our business consultants write business plans all the time, so let one of us help out.


Do you have employees that you wish had degrees in business, or who have a degree but could use a little refreshing? Don't waste money and time sending your employees back to college. Instead let one of our business consultants bring the classroom to you. Check out our available programs, and if you don't see one that meets your needs, call us we will be glad to custom create an education program for your needs.