The Preliminary Market Research service provides an examination of the market conditions the business idea and/or customized employment goal will likely encounter. The goal of this service is to identify market trends, competition, and market share via secondary market research.

This service is a cost/time savings service as it provides the opportunity to revise the business idea, if needed, prior to business plan development.

This service is facilitated by the EnterpriseWorks business consultant, working independently, and includes a review and assessment of:

industry overview i.e., NAICS code, products/services, history, trends, and knowledge, skills and abilities required
market size and demography
identifiable/attainable market for the proposed product/service, stability of other businesses in the market, potential for growth and estimated and potential
barriers to entry
competitor analysis

The outcomes of this service are:

an assessment of the obtainable market share
identification of issues to be resolved and means to address issues identified
recommendations for effective primary market research activities based upon the business idea i.e., telephone and face-to-face interviews, surveys, mystery shopping, product tests and diaries
development of a preliminary marketing plan

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